A clean and tidy work environment looks appealing and more importantly welcoming to any potential clients. It instills confidence, creates trust from the very beginning and leaves the clients with the impression of efficiency and strong attention to detail.

No matter what industry, your employees and customers deserve a clean environment. Because we are open 24/7, The RJS Team will make sure your business is clean and fresh when you open. 


Industries We Service

  • Commercial- Residential High-rise and Condominiums and Offices/Office Buildings  both large and small
  • Education- Schools, Colleges, Churches, and Theaters
  • Healthcare- Medical Groups and Hospital Facilities
  • Financial- Financial Institutions and Banks
  • Retail- Retail Stores and Malls
  • Recreation- Gyms, Fitness Centers, and Sports Facilities
  • Hospitality- Restaurants, Clubs and Hotels
  • Industrial- Factories and Industrial Buildings
  • Government- Office Facilities, Courthouses, and more.
  • Transportation- Airports, Bus Stations, Train Stations